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The Tattooed Lady is Home!

Get your gear on kids…  The Tattooed Lady has a permanent home at The Calgary Farmers’ Market!
The Tattooed Lady @ The Market

I have been painting at the Market’s new location for two days a week the past year, and I am totally excited to announce that the full range of Tattooed Lady services are now offered Thursday thru Sunday at my new full time retail home right in the heart of the food court by the indoor play area.

That’s right kids – face painting, hair feathers, glitter tattoos, and all the other glamourous touches are available at prices that your allowance can totally handle!  Make sure you check my calendar of appearances for dates and times I will be making appearances at my new home at the market.

Juicy Mural @ Calgary Farmers Market

You know what I love BEST about my new home at the Market..?  It’s that I was able to paint a GIGANTIC mural by the North East entrance.

“What is a Mural?” so many kids have been asking me, well, a mural is a giant piece of artwork that is painted directly on the wall.  That’s right,  I painted on the wall!
Not on a piece of paper and then hung on the wall… no way!  We took all kinds of different colours of spray paint and painted big Juicy grapes and Fresh corn right on the big brick wall!  What a great idea eh!? :)

Calgary Farmers Market graffiti Mural Check out this picture of me painting the bananas, now you can see how big the fruits are compared to my itty-bitty head!  :)
I am wearing a special breathing mask and protective glasses, because even though I use low odor, waterbased paints when working on indoor murals, I want to make sure no paint gets into any of the holes in my face… yuk! right!? :p

Painting the market mural was loads of fun – next time you visit, take a closer look and count how many words are hidden in our graffiti wall.  ;)

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