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Sugar Skull Mania!

Sugar Skull Mania!

I wonder if it is the Monster High Doll Skelita Calavera that has made Sugar Skulls so popular this past Halloween! The original source of this style of artwork is from the Mexican holiday “dia de los muertos” or Day of the Dead celebrated Nov1st & 2nd. This holiday may seem a lot like Halloween since it starts on midnight of the 31st and is full of imagery of death and skeletons. However, where Halloween is a holiday where we try and scare each other to death, dia de los muertos celebrates death and the lives of our ancestors.

As a face painting working within the context of a Sugar Skull allows for a lot of creativity and expression. The Sugar Skull design is also unique as it looks great on men, women and children. Traditionally bright colours dominate the canvas of a sugar skull. Studying modern tattoo art the image of a sexy dia de los muertos woman is sultry, styled with roses, spiderwebs, keyholes, gems…. an imaginations wealth of imagery can be added to these haunting women.


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