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Rebelle Glitter Tattoos @ the Farmers Market

glitter tattoosMy New Favourite: Rebelle Glitter Tattoos @ the Farmers Market
In search of some artwork?  Come and see me at the Calgary Farmer’s Market (510 77th Ave SE) off Blackfoot trail thursdays 11-4 and Sundays mornings 9-1:30.  The new farmer’s market location is awesome, our facepainting and glitter tattoo booth is located right by the food court next to the large children’s play area.  Make sure if you are bringing your kids for a free play in the new multi level play structure you have socks, otherwise we almost always have some for sale for $1.50 at the face painting table.

Since getting my new gig at the market I have had the awesome opportunity to throw myself into learning how to do freehand glitter tattoos!  I really am having fun with this new artform!  Glitter tattoos are simple to make and last for three days to a week.  I apply a makeup glue (sort of like eyelash adhesive) made especially for putting on the skin with a paintbrush.  Once the design is drawn out in glue I use various colours of cosmetic glitter (very fine & cut round – no corners = no ouchy eyes!) to colour in the artwork, and if we have time (there is no lineup and we have an awesome model in the chair, then I can take the time to add and outline and highlights taking the tattoo from being a pretty glitter ornament to an outrageous dimensional piece of body art!

I know that there are loads of stencil products for glitter tattoos, but I haven`t actually had the opportunity to try one!  That said, I do have a friend who just picked up some fairy stencils for me to try out!  Once I kick that one out I will for shizzle share my photos with y’all!

At the Farmer’s market we do all our glitter tattoos freehand – it is fun for us artists to let our creativity flow, and it is more magical for the kids when your invisible drawing suddenly magically appears right before their eyes!!!  It’s super awesome fun. J

Calgary Farmer’s market:

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