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NABPC & FPBA – Face and Body Art Gatherings

Las Vegas, Nevada
Face Painting and Body Art Convention
North American Body Painting Championship

I had this idea that I was going to be able to “Blog Live” from Vegas,¬†who knew I’d be so tied up the whole time I wouldn’t be glued to my computer!!??
Well, that’s a good thing!
The whole trip ended up being such an inspiration, such a learning experience… such a party! wow.

Teaching my first classes was an enormous experience! and I got some amazing feedback from my students!
check it out:

  • FacesbyMerlyn De Leon HI Lea, I just wanted to drop by and say thank you sooooooo much for all your advice on how to get the most out of our website and how to help boom my business. I gotta tell u that the minute i got back i contacted my web designer and got to work on my page i added all the nicks n tips u gave me n i gotta tell u It has…n’t been 2 long n i’m already seeing traffic come through yeay!!! I still got some things to work on n fix but i’m halfway there thanx 2 u. if you have a chance take a look at my site N c the effect ur class had in me. thanx again. xoxo Merlyn

Check out the incredible artwork on my tank top by Remx Art!!! I love it!

One of my other students Remy, creates the most amazing artwork on clothing! Check out this amazing shirt he gave me… I also bought a dress with roses on it… couldn’t resist! I linked the picture to his website, but check out Remi’sFacebook for a great flavour of his portfolio!

So come check me out a Bodyssey this summer in Calgary – I will be teaching some more courses on how to get the most out of your time on the computer pounding away at your website, or for those of you who use a web developer, I’ll be giving the best tips on what to take to your designer to get the best bang for your buck!

Here is another picture I have to share with you.. I shared a link to his website earlier in my blog for the HOT shoes my amazing friend Wiser paints up – this girl just had to get me some. So Check out the boots he painted pour moi! We rocked it HARD and down the stip taking pictures..! the best one was the pink elevator in the Flamingo!

Bootz painted by Wiser - One says "Skin Artist" the other "WebMistress"... oh yeah!

Wiser is an amazing artist who has been having the biggest year in the body art circles… he’s just had his graphic design artwork featured on the cover of Illusion Magazine, he is teaching at some of the biggest conventions in North america and he was a finalist in the Brush and Sponge category at the North American Body Painting Championships just last month! Check out Wiser’s Facebook to see his portfolio of work!

Painting at the NABPC…
Hello! what a trip! I got to start off with painting four models on Friday with Mark Reid who is a great teacher and body painter, and Jeff Thornton… two incredible artists. Painting with Thornton was just great, he airbrush paints the most beautiful portraits of women on these massive canvases – check out his Facebook photos and take it all in! The friday at NABPC Mark thrust me on him to help paint for the Master’s event, he told me he’s never had an assistant before so he wasn’t quite sure what to get me to do… it’s funny because we decided that I would paint these outlines around the peacock and branches. It was the best exercise! Just painting around the shape that another artist has created… the free flowing lines, the style the bends and twists I had to make with my paintbruch… I just loved the ways it felt! It was a very freeing experience for me… the simplest exercise, but it inspired me to draw these big crazy branches the next day on the back of my gorgeous model during the competition… I just had to try it out immediately and I LOVED IT… so it was an incredible lesson to learn that the way

Thornton and my work on the Beautiful Dyna

something FEELS when you paint it is sometimes just as important as the way it looks… yeah… maybe they are one and the same… what an amazing thing to hang out with all that talent and the different styles and just sponging it all up! I just dig it so bad!

So what else can I tell you about Vegas? I went mental on Saturday, my day of painting in the sponge and brush category for the preliminary round. Yikes! All the practice, all the pressure all the stress… another artist Adam said to me, “I know you are just going to go in there and free style something…” and I thought, what a great idea! Well.. going against my original plan left me maybe a little empty on the canvas, but it was so much fun! I painted this exploding heart and these big free flowing tear drop lines and meshed with Josianne’s (my model) body, so when she moved – the piece flowed and moved naturally with her. I was so proud! I still am! It’s amazing what can just pour out of you when the crunch is on! I was so happy I painted the Brancheson her back – next time I’m gonna make ‘em bigger and bolder – it’ll be so Tight!

Oh man! …and facing the Judges! picture me cross eyed with my tongue hanging out and a big stupid over excited grin on my face, talking mock 10 with my hair on fire. You can imagine how great my presentation of my artwork was! I’m sure it was a memorable (or forgettable for some) experience for the judges to have me standing up there blah blah blah… I’ve only been body painting for four months and I wanted to paint this exploding heart because emotions around the world run the same through everyones veins and this cloak of feathers surrounding her body looks like one of those japaenese tattoo suits… and I painted with this other artist and he was so inpiring to me that I just wanted to try it out so I went with it on her back…” blah blah blah, big *&!# eating grin… that was pretty much me. So yeah, lesson learned there as well – maybe pull it in a bit with the over excited jibber-jabber and just articulate myself in a manner that everyone can understand!

Joss on stage for the final pose.

Photography by Shay Armstrong!

Holy Smokes! And how AMAZING was Josianne on stage??!! NABPC was her very first professional Body Model experience! She is such a natural She is so into it, we’ve been practicing for months and we would video tape our practice sessions and figure out how to move and everything else. We’ve become such great friends over the course of this experience… and our friendship even survived the stress of Vegas! Yeah Yeah baby!

Thank you to all the amazing artists who spent time with me, and the Judges who took time out of their jammed schedule to chat and the incredible models who not only had to stand around and get painted, but once our job was done theirs just started with the photography room and the stage presentation and then out to the clubs to show off! Pure raw stamina just runs through their bodies!

It wouldn’t be the same without the cheering support of my ‘fans’ and friends just whispering all those words of encouragement. And of course a Big Huge XOX to my family who let me take all this time out of our lives to go and have such an amazing experience!


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