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Mark Reid Workshop, Calgary Alberta

Enchanted Bodies met Enchanted Events
Our special thanks to both Mark for making the trip to Calgary from Albuquerque and to Natalie Gomersall for providing us with the Superb Location!

Face painters from all over Alberta came to attend the two days workshops, which were sold out – As usual, Mark brought his special brand of teaching, and encouragement to the table, and much fun and laughter was had.  Calgary is awash with Wild Orchid!

Léa Selley’s review of Mark’s workshop:
“At the Texas State Fair…”
Ladies… how many times did we hear that?! How great was it to have a teacher share so many fun, silly and serious face painting stories. It gave the whole experience an added dimention of context and reality.

I haven’t been to many workshops, but I’ll tell you, Mark is one amazing teacher – fun, serious and focused. He’s just waiting for his students to pepper him with questions and pose for pictures. What an inspiration!

He kept asking: “You learnin’ anything yet?” YIKES! Does a one-legged duck swim in circles?
I learned so much in his class it was ridiculous!

Not only did Mark teach us how to paint the most perfectly graceful line from start to finish, but when I went home the second night, I realized that he’d armed us with an invaluable set of tools (a set of brush strokes, a set of sponging techniques and a whole bunch of patterns and imagination to put them all together). We walked away with the ability to practice his designs and create our own.

                       THAT’S Huge.

He’s got the lightning in a bottle that makes a great painter a great teacher; being a fun & passionate communicator.
Natalie was such a great model too!  We were practicing painting angel faces, and she asked me to paint angle wings on her back instead!  How exciting – my very first piece of bodyart, right here for you to enjoy!

Check out his artwork at


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