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Gallery ML – Sneek Peek of Beautiful Body Art for Sale!

PHILADELPHIA, PA Noah Musher and Tom Lovelund of Musher Lovelund Photography are proud to announce the opening of their new space, Gallery ML, located at 126 Market Street in Old City. The Opening Reception Event for their first show, From The Outside In, takes place on April 2nd 2010, from 5-9pm.

Although I am here in Calgary, and all the wishing in the world won’t change the fact that I can’t attend the painting party that’s going on, or the opening night party; I’m so excited and proud to be associated with such a talented group of artists. Writing this article was very exciting for me as well, because I had the opportunity to speak with almost all of the artists involved and hopefully together we can capture the life and energy that this project is presenting to the Body Painting Industry and the Art World in general.

While half the show will exhibit images captured during the photographers’ experience documenting the 2010 North American Body Painting Championships in Las Vegas, the other half will focus on featured works from a handful of renowned body artists from all over the world, including Mark Reid (Albuquerque, NM), Natasha Kudashkina (Siberia), Adam Ray (Hollywood, FL), Wiser (Denver, CO), and resident artist Lawren Alicé of Philadelphia.

First of all I would like to introduce Natasha Kudashkina currently living in Toronto Ontario Canada. I met Natasha at the North American Body Painting Championship in Las Vegas earlier this year; she made such an amazing impression with her beautiful body art qualifying for the final round and has kept me interested in her works with her amazing raw documentary style videography.

Check out Natasha’s videos to get a flavour of all the work and fun that is going on behind the scenes to fill this gallery with amazing art for sale.
Day 1

Some of our Industry’s most amazing talents are painting for Gallery ML right now including:

Mark Reid, has been an incredible inspiration in my life, he has fully taken me under his wing as a student and has introduced me to not only the passion involved in creating body paintings, but also the passionate people who also do this for a living. Mark is a 14 time body painting award winner who just co-hosted the North American Body Painting Championships (NABPC). Mark is also a published author and has hosted multiple educational DVDs on face and body painting. Teaching classes all around the world, including the World Body Painting Academy, he is a well known, highly respected artist with an insanely supportive fan base. When asked what it is like to be painting in Gallery ML right now before the Grand Opening, Mark said: “WOW… to be here and get inspired by some incredible Artists and Photographers is the most awesome experience” , and as someone else pointed out – it has to be something pretty special to impress “The Master.” :)

Wiser, is another friend of mine who constantly amazes and inspires me, he’ll paint on anything, boots, massive walls, kids faces, full bodies – the world is his canvas. Wiser is an award winning body painting and graffiti artist, who was recently featured in a 3 page article in the latest Illusion Magazine – he even had his sick Photoshop skills gracing the cover of the magazine! He is currently teaching art classes across the United States, and in Holland, he and is getting geared up to attend the World Body Painting Championships in Seeboden for the first time.

Commenting on his experiences in Philly Wiser had this to say: “This time is such a special time to be around so many creative people, and just paint. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to paint with the caliber of artists at the same time for a whole week of Painting Without Boundaries!”

Adam Ray (AKA Original Sin) is an Original Talent in my opinion when it comes to the airbrush and body art. Adam has been an artist since he could hold a crayon. He is an accomplished illustrator, graphic artist, airbrush artist, a tattoo artist and body painter. His unique style and amazing talent has made him an award winning artist. In 2007 he took first place at the New Mexico Body painting competition two nights in a row. Upon relocating to Hollywood, Florida from New Mexico he went on to place first at the 2009 South Florida Body Art Competition. In Feb 2010, Adam took home 4th place in the airbrush category at NABPC – for those of you who were there, you won’t soon forget his impromptu performance when he jumped on stage with his model and acted out a little ‘show’ complimenting his artwork… I was sitting next to him in the audience with no idea what he was about to do, he just said to me “Put your hand on my chest… do you feel my heart..?” Yeah, I did – it was pounding with excitement

I asked him what it’s like to be there right now the day before opening, “For me, it’s the collaboration of artists that makes this trip so dope… there are no boundaries and everyone is feeding off each other – no competition other than to get Art.”

Lawren Alicé has been professionally face painting since March of ’07, and more recently started body painting May of 2009, and is now the resident artist at gallery ML. “Since I’ve started it’s been full steam ahead, no looking back, trying to feed an addiction.”

I had the brief but super fun opportunity to talk with Lawren about this huge undertaking and she was so bubbly, excited and inspired that I knew the efforts in documenting this process from afar is all worth it – because this is a group of people who have the same goals and Passion for body painting that I do. Lawren is clearly enjoying the experience of working with this group of artists: “Having all these people at my house is the craziest experience ever, we took out the drama, and filled that hole with ART. Blending styles, collaborating… just to be able to work with people who have these crazy styles, constant creative thinking looking at the world in a different way – it’s the most artistic camp I’ve ever been in. All these personalities mesh so well. I just met these random body painting artists from four corners of the country and we are such good friends now. To have these friends is the best thing in the world.”

As the resident artist at Gallery ML, she is more than pleased with how everything is coming together , “I’ve never spent time with artists like this before, and (body painting) being such a random art form – it’s awesome to collaborate with other body artists.” Anyone would be able to tell she was having so much fun when she added with a laugh, “We want to do this more, maybe one or two of these a year to paint for a week – we have so much art right now that we are looking at the ceiling wondering if we should put stuff up there! I’m feeding off the many different styles, how they do it, the process it’s just amazing.”

When asked how this all came together I could feel Lawren’s spirit shine through the phone, “Everything happened so randomly… this space is so amazing, we never expected any of this. We are going to make this gallery 100% dedicated to body art. ”

On what they are trying to accomplish with opening an art gallery dedicated exclusively to body painting, “It’s a little sub culture right now – we all know each other, but we want the general public to know about it, and now people around the city are noticing… I see people walking by the front of the gallery just stop and stare at the art. We are just trying to show people what it is, and to get body painting as an art form the respect it deserves. I’ve known Noah and Tom for 7 or 8 years now and it’s great that our careers are colliding like this. And to have all these people want to be a part of it… It’s just amazing!”

Lawren’s accomplishments include:

  • Placed 3rd in Semi-Pro Body Painting @ the Face and Body Art International Convention – May 2009
  • Placed 7th in Brush & Sponge Body Painting @ the North American Body Painting Championships
  • “Mardi Gras Mask” Step-by-Step tutorial published in Brush Strokes Magazine: Issue 22 – Feb. 2010

Noah Musher – a part owner of ML Gallery, Noah is a fine arts photographer whose sensitive portraiture won him first prize at the Phillips Mill Photographic Exhibition. I asked Noah what it was about body painting that has inspired him to take on such a huge project, “As a photographer… we fell in love with this subculture of bodyart at Fabbulas this past November. The energy of being around so many creative artists… you can see the energy in the room, and that’s what we’ve been re-creating in this gallery. We set it up, and let the artists do whatever they want. It’s coming along amazing, every piece is better and better.”

Noah discusses his role as a body painting photographer as well, “We noticed that photography is imperative for their work to survive. As a photographer, we have a responsibility to capture their work and the process, and photography is our interpretation of the artist’s creation. We want the art community here in Philadelphia to notice this form of art which is too awesome, it’s not just a club thing we want to help get rid of sexual stereotypes associated with body painting… these artists are just as talented as other traditional artists. We just want to spice things up in our local art community.”

For more information about Gallery ML & the opening reception check out their Facebook
FanPage and their Facebook Event Page and make sure to check out their online store as well!

And please enjoy some more of Natasha’s videos!

Day 2

Day 5

Day 6

For more of Natasha’s Videos check out her YouTube Channel.


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