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Face Paint of the Day – Spring Tiger

A Sparkling Lavender Tiger

I love it when i get a chance to paint a tiger with glitter gel outlines and coloured glitter lips!  so fancy!

Here is a mystery: is this painting of a tiger, or a fantasy cat?  
I’d say that Tigers officially enter the realm of Fantasy Cat when kids get to pick their favourite colour, and the artist gets to wake up the imagination in the design.  Another key distinction between tiger and fantasy cat face paintings in my designs, would be how they always seem to match their clothes – it’s like they have super camouflage powers!

I could just imagine this little lavender tiger prancing off to a warm little tea and snack with her friends at the farmer’s market…!

What colour is your fantasy cat?  Come and get painted at the Calgary Farmers Market Thursdays and Fridays!

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