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Earl’s Tin Palace – Brazilian Carnival Body Painting!

Me and the hostess models after fun times painting in the back office!

Earl’s Tin Palace invited me back to do some more face and body painting for their Brazilian Carnival patio party!  After painting there for St. Patrick’s day party there and showing up with my legs covered in clovers and horse shoes, Earl’s invited me back to do even more painting – not just arms and faces but they wanted the legs this time too!

It was so much fun, and I figured since it was going to be a loud fancy theme, I made some feathered hair clips for all the girls to add some jazz to the face paintings.  So it was fun to pick some colours and paint to a little theme.  They also had a roaming photographer and a live band and traditional brazilian sting on a great show by this immense decorative screen atd a colourful mask.  Loved all the giant over the top decor they put out that day!

It’s a small world because at Whipstock, a private Stampede party put on by FUZE Entertainment, I had an Earl’s employee sit in my chair for some painting and she brought it up that there was this painter that came in to do up the staff one day when she wasn’t working,  and was soooo disappointed to have missed out… I’m like “That was meee!”  she’s like “No Way!” and then brings her friend over to tell her all about it.  So cool! 

I love painting at these local restaurants and lounges because there is nothing at all racy about it and the clientele just love watching the body art walk around.  It’s awesome entertainment that livens up any party!

Enjoy the Pictures!


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