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Earl’s Tin Palace St. Patrick’s Day Body Painting

What a RUSH! Seeing my Artwork in Action…

So ask me how much fun I had body painting at Earl’s Tin Palace in Calgary for St. Patrick’s Day!  So much fun!  It is just so fantastic to watch my artowrk in action!  Who would have known that a little face paint, and a little bodypaint would make so many people so happy??!! 

When I arrived at the restaurant I was booked to paint 4 servers in tube tops… I wasn’t even finished the first waitress and i had everyone working the floor that night wanting at least a little face design… EVERYONE was in the spirit and it was great! 

So my body painting designs didn’t end up being as detailed and complex as I was looking forward to, but it was a lot more fun to have all the lounge staff with their shoulders chest and arms painted and everyone else with a little Irish Spirit to sport around!  So in under three hours I managed to paint up about 10 or 11 people (I lost track, it was just too much fun!)

The best part was sitting at the bar with my husband and his friend having some snacks, a pint of Guiness and an Irish Car Bomb… and just watching my artwork in action!  It was the coolest thing ever!  Once I got over the self imposed constructive criticism – you know: all kinds of new ideas for next time, what I liked and didn’t like, how to make things better – well it was just awesome to hear the buzz in the lounge crowd around me, talking about the artwork (so I’d be all stealth and slip them my card!) but it was just making me scrunch up my nose in excitement! 

And best of all (if there can be more than one best of all!) the models working there all loved being painted and workin’ the artwork!  So thanks again to the Staff at Earl’s Tin Palace for inviting me to paint, and thanks to all the models for letting me paint you!  I had such a great time and I’ve been invited back for more – so stay tuned and Check it Out!

Oh, and for all of you art nerds out there, here are some of my designs that I prepared ahead of time that the ladies were able to pick from and I came up with variations at the time… because you know how everybody is different!

St. Patrick's Day body art sketches


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