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Child Face and Adult Body Models Needed!

I like to help out with Bodyssey – Canada’s Face and Body Painting Extravaganza whenever I can…

Please conact Bodyssey with any questions regarding this article:
403 202 3228

Sent to The Tattooed Lady from Liz Mortlock one of Bodyssey’s key Organizers:

Update on this article 06-11-10: All child volunteer models will receive a free face painting class!  check out the bodyssey site for more info.

This is a call to you all to ask if you have friends, adults or children who would like to be either face painted or body painted* (we ask that body painting models are over 21 please) – and who would like to come and act as models at Bodyssey this August?

Organized by the Canadian Association of Face and Body Artists, BODYSSEY 2010 is Canada’s premier event for Face and Body Artists – it is a private event, where artists from all over Canada and North America come to learn from the best of the best, in a spirit of sharing and community.  World Class instructors in different discsiplines will be demonstrating their craft on to willing models at workshops during the event.
We have openings for models of all sizes for workshops throughout the Face and Body Art convention at the Ramada Downtown from Thursday 26 – Tuesday 31August.  **We DON’T NEED MODELS TO BE CONTINUOUSLY AVAILABLE THROUGHTOUT THE EVENT….IN SOME CASES… 2.5 hours of their time will do!!!! (workshops only last 1.5 hours, but we would love to photograph each creation so that Models can benefit from their images after the event.
We require some body models to take part in a full day course on Thursday (to be painted by deleates at Lucie Brouillard’s body painting master class) – There will be a photography workshop running in conjunction with this class, so models will be able to get great images of the artwork created on them at the end of the process.
We have other instructors who would really appreicate having models to paint on during Thursday too – these are mainly face painting classes.
We are also looking for face and body models who would like to come and join inthe fun at our Jam on Friday 27th afternoon, when everyone will be dipping into paint and sharing their skills and techniques on all the models who so generously come to offer up their skin (**NB the jam is open to both face and body painting, so there will be some minimal nudity around initially – please don’t offer your child to this part of the event if you are not comfortable with this – however, Bodyssey is a respectable event, and we have no intention of intentionally offending anyone)
There will additionally be a requirement for Child models to take part in the event proper BOYS!!! we need BOYS! – especially for Mark Reid’s classes on Saturday, Sunday and Monday !  kids can be available for say half the day -  we don’t need to keep them forever!! – but if you have a child (or friends, family or neighbors  who would enjoy being painted at one of the workshops, (photographs will be provided after the event)  Please let us know.
We need both face and body models for the two competition happening on Saturday afternoon.  Body painted models will have clothing painted on them – Theme: Fashion through the ages – and the Face Painting competition : Dungeons and Dragons.  The competition will require them to be painted in the afternoon on Satruday – and all models are invited to join in the fun at the Gala Spectacular event on Saturday night – all models will be expected to display the artwork they wear on the runway as part of the event.
Child and adult models required for workshops through the day – models don’t need to be present all day
BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for Mark Reid’s boys will be boys Masterclass required
Special FX officianados…..Nick and Brian Wolfe will need willing victims to be tansformed using Special FX make up
Boys and girls/ adults for Lucie’s Face Painting Masterclass
Female Body Painting models required for Mark Reid’s Jeans masterclass
Male/Female models required for Remy’s airbrushing  Masterclass
Kids for Nick and Brian’s face pianitng Masterclass
If you think you know models who would like to take part in Bodyssey – even if only for one workshop – please can you ask them to contact me directly – I will register them with the event, and allocate them to a workshop/competitor/masterclass and ensure that they are on our list of attendees.  403 202 3228 or email
****PLEASE NOTE****!!! we need all models to register BEFORE the event for security purposes.  All models will be required to sign a model release form, and in the case of children, we will be asking Parents to do so on their behalf, to allow Bodyssey to use the images in whichever way we require.  However, please be aware, that the Canadian Assocation of Face and Body Artists use all our imagery very carefully and with respect.
If you need more information about Bodyssey or want to tell your friends and family about it – please go to
Please feel free to pass this email along to anyone you think might be interested in learning more about our event, either by becoming a model for us, volunteering as a runner or on registration, or who might like to attend the event as a delegate to learn from the world’s best in this field.!
With warmest wishes, thank you for taking the time to read this

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