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Calgary Herald Interview & Photoshoot

Friend, Photographer, Doula and Body Painting model Cendrine poses for me during the Calgary Herald Photoshoot this August 2010

I am so excited to have my very first newspaper article!  Lisa Kidane from the Calgary Herald wrote the most fantastic piece titled Body painters thrive in sensual, live art, that captures where I am at in my artistic development, career and family balance.  Thank you so much for writing such a passionate article!

Being interviewed in a local Startbucks was a fun experience, Lisa walked in right after I was approached by a local new tattoo shop that was opening up, and people were stopping and staring at all of us… the look on Lisa’s face was classic as she was trying to process what was going on with these people flipping through my portfolio and others creating a congestion of rubber-necking! 

To accompany such a fabulous story, Calgary Herald photographer Christina Ryan came to my house to take some awesome body art shots of me painting my model Cendrine in action.  I was told don’t worry you don’t have to paint much it will just be close-up shots.. but typical in this art form once the photographer saw how much fun it is to photograph living art she got carried away posing cendrine taking her outside, on the stairs, behond a blac back drop standing on a chair – all the different angles capture different essences of the art. 

If you are a photographer looking for the opportunity to learn more about photographing body art, come to Bodyssey where they will be teaching photography classes and you will have plenty of models walking around to click!   You can also check out this article: Art champion brightens Calgary Bodyssey fest, that accompanied mine in the Herald that awesome Sunday!

My model Cendrine is a doula, photographer, mother and friend of mine who was so awesome to come last minute and pose.  It was fun for her to be on the model side of a professional photo shoot as well!  We started painting about a half hour before the photographer showed up with 6 kids running in and out of my house the whole time.  I was so excited to have all this action going on and it was fun for the kids to be able to enjoy the show as well!
I would never have had this opportunity for such a beautiful piece that I am so proud of if it wasn’t for my PR Lady Leanne Montpetit the founder of Knowledge Evolution.  She has been with me from Day 1 as her sons were at that birthday party mentioned in the articlee.  From our first professional meeting of putting a business plan together and teaching me how to set goals so I can make the real thing happen, to landing my first big private body painting gig at the Gerry Thomas Art Gallery, to this interview with lisa Kidane… Thank you Leanne… Let’s get on TV this winter, eh!

Here are some picture of the behind the scenes action of getting in the Newspaper and the piece of bodyart that started it all!


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