The Tattooed Lady Face Painting – Calgary

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Alberta Bound Tattoo Festivals!

Calgary & Edmonton Alberta – I will be appearing at both!

THIS is going to be a super wild ride – tons of shopping, artists, music, rollerderby… fun for kids AND parents!
If you’ve never been to a tattoo & arts festival now’s your chance!

Not Just Your Ordinary Face Painter…
If you are a fan of ‘Old School’ or ‘Japanese’ style skin art, this will be for you!
Try it on before you commit – get your tattoo painted on before taking to the needle!

I will be offering face AND BODY PAINTING at the tattoo festival:
- Hearts, Roses, Hanya Masks and Sugar Skulls …
- Try on your new chest piece
- How about a bright koi with finger waves on your arm?
You want a special creation? contact me ahead of time to chat about it – nothin’ like trying it out first!!!
I hope to paint you there!

Just an update on this article – below is a bunch of sample paintings of tattoo style artwork that I had fun painting, either at the tattoo festivals or just at home fooling around with friends!

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