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Canada The Tattooed Lady – Alberta     USA Silly Farm - Florida Jestpaint - Kalamazoo, MI Art Factory - Virginia Sweet Pea Parties and More - Indianna Chit Chat The Clown – Massachusetts   UK / Northern Ireland Illusion Magazine The Face Painting Shop Face Paint Northern Ireland - info@   Australia LimeLight - Perth, Western Australia Face The Paints - Tasmania Looney [...]

FaceBook Group – Graffiti Eyes Stencil Kit Inspiration!

Join my Facebook group for updates, inspiration and a great place to share your artwork I have created a super fun group titled: Graffiti Eyes – The Tattooed Lady’s Crib on FaceBook.  It is especially made for face painting and makeup artists to share their graffiti Eyes Designs! If you aren’t already a member, please [...]

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Ultimate Graffiti Eyes Stencil Workshop Tour!

What are Ultimate Graffiti Eyes? The secret to what makes these designs ultimate  is the combination of the looks-great-sparkles-hard essence of basic graffiti eyes layered with my new custom designed graffiti stencil kit. Ultimate Graffiti Eyes Workshop Tour! I am very excited to take my graffiti eye makeup designs on the road to your city and spread the magic in [...]

Graffiti Eyes Stencil Kit

The Ultimate in exploding makeup designs! After months of research and development, I have put together an ultimate set of graffiti element stencils AND a set of step by step designs making ultimate graffiti eyes an achievable art form for any level of face painter or makeup artist.  Go to: to buy the stencils [...]

Hair Feathers Video Tutorial!

My newest video tutorial demonstrates an awesome piece of flair that will elevate your style to ROCK STAR STATUS!  Hair feathers are an easy to install accessory which add a beautiful blast of color to any style hair, they are easy to take care of and can last for months! After watching the video if [...]

FABAIC 2013 Haul Blog

FABAIC 2013 Haul Blog I got an early jump on summer this year by catching a plane to Florida to my first Face and Body Painting International Convention (FABAIC)!!! It is a paradise of face and body painting classes, art displays and shopping! All of the big name brands from around the world come to [...]

Swerve Magazine Featured Artist

Léa Selley is Swerve Magazine’s Featured Face Painting Artist! I just had the exciting opportunity to create some artwork for Swerve Magazine’s coveted Festival Guide for 2013! Jacquie Moore is the author of the festival article that featured my artwork, I have been fortunate to paint her son at The Calgary Farmers’ Market a few [...]

My Day of the Dead Wedding

My Day of the Dead Wedding As a non traditional couple, myself and Wiser jumped at the opportunity to get married in the middle of the worlds largest face and body painting convention – The Face and Bodyart International Convention aka FABAIC. FABAIC 2013 in Fort Lauderdale Florida was the perfect setting for a Day [...]

Monster High Werecat Face Painting Tutorial

Monster High Werecat Sisters Meowlody and Purrsephone Video Face Painting Tutorial Monster High is a modern doll series that is great for getting face painting ideas! Meowlody & Purrsephone are twin sisters  with a distinctive striped hair style that is easy to replicate with face paint! If you can’t get enough of the Monster High Werecat [...]

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