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Face Painting of the Day – Wings!

butterfly wings face painting

Two beautiful ways to face paint wings

Two little beauties I painted to Flit -Flutter-Fly  around the Calgary Farmer’s Market on a Saturday afternoon :)

With so many popular face paint designs out there Butterfly Wings are hands down the most popular.  And there are so many wonderful versions of butterflies that you can paint! From full face designs to cheek art animation, the potential for imaginatory chaos are endless.

I love painting little butterflies sitting on flowers as eye catching cheek art.  Kids love it because suddenly there is more of a story to the painting… and that’s when their imaginations can set in to motion even stronger…!

I love to paint, draw and colour all sorts of different types of wings.
How many different sorts of wings do you think I can paint on a face?

Let’s Imagine
Bat Wings, Dragon wings! Bird wings, Angel wings, Butterfly wings, Lady Bug wings! yes!  the world is full of all kinds of different flying creatures both alive and extinct – real and imaginary!  :)

That’s the greatest thing about face painting, the imaginary world that you can create with your very own set of wings… what type of flying creature do you want to be???

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