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Swerve Magazine Featured Artist

Léa Selley is Swerve Magazine’s Featured Face Painting Artist!

I just had the exciting opportunity to create some artwork for Swerve Magazine’s coveted Festival Guide for 2013!

Jacquie Moore is the author of the festival article that featured my artwork, I have been fortunate to paint her son at The Calgary Farmers’ Market a few times over the past year… i guess my style inspired her to throw a face painting twist to the guide this year.

Read Swerves’ complete article for all the pictures of my final artwork:

Each design resonates with the theme of 5 different festivals happening this summer:

Calgary International Children’s featured a classic tiger face paint on Jacquie’s son Max. He was so adorable and photogenic! Tigers have to be one of the most popular designs for face painting.

I did have fun conceptualizing some artwork of my original designs for the Sled Island design, The editors wanted to focus on the film festival aspect of Sled Island, and wanted me to preserve the models makeup… My specialty!

Electronic music fans know the top DJs come out to the Badlands Stampede Music Festival, like its time for Graffiti Eyes!  Using a stencil really added the finishing touch to this neon makeup design.



I like to practice designs that I’ve never done before especially when working on a project like this when there are many creative minds coming together (writers, photographers, creative directors, etc)  This way everyone knows what I am thinking of painting and can easily thumbs up or thumbs down a design.


Opera in the Village, has a Pirate themed performance that allowed me the opportunity to create my second interactive face painting with food; where the parrot is trying to steal the pirate’s cracker! Arrrh!!!

My first interactive face painting is one I have been painting for years since spring celebrations made “Bunny with Finger Carrot” a favourite for every painter out there :)    I paint a cute simple bunny face with the index (pointer) finger as a bright orange carrot.  and I have never even thought to create a silly painting like this before it was the creative direction of the Calgary Herald staff that came up with the idea of painting a thieving parrot, and I was totally game!

Definitely the show stopper was the Big Mouth painting for BBQ on the Bow, - Alberta’s premier BBQ competition. I was definitely thrilled when I saw this piece on the front cover of the Herald!

Kerianne Sproule put together a painting behind the scenes fast motion video of me painting this piece which she titled: “Open wide and feast your eyes on a face-painting master“.


video link

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