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Super Sparkly Stars – Makeup Tutorial

Super Sparkly Stars – stencil makeup video tutorial

Sparkling Star Stencil makeup design

Video tutorial – how to use a stencil

This super sparkling star design will be perfect for 2013 New Years Eve parties, ladies nights, or any occasion where a lot of bling is in order.

In this video tutorial I will be demonstrating how I use my new favourite art tool: Stencils!   I recently designed a snow princess mask that is quick, easy and absolutely STUNNING with glitter!

I also tried tried out a reptile skin stencil on my snake design adding quick shocking dimension to the face paint.   Using a stencil provides super clean lines for artwork that adds atmosphere and solid edges to your designs.


Tips & Tricks

snowflake princess stencil face painting

Mask design using a snowflake stencil

What I love most about adding stencils to my face painting & makeup kit, is that I can now make a fantastic backgrounds, or use the stencil art as part of the main feature.  The other huge advantage a stencil offers is that it is super fast!  This is ideal for days when I know I am going to have long lines…. :)

Learning how to use the stencils in terms of face painting and makeup art definately took me a few tries to figure out – just like any new tool… you have to practice, practice!

The most common difficulties I had when learning how to use my face painting stencils were:

  1. Makeup dripping under the stencil giving me blurring lines.  This I corrected by making sure my paint was thicker on my sponge – still wet just thick.  Tapping motions straight down on the stencil seem to work best for me.
  2. It is hard to practice on yourself!  Definitely you need to practice on a leg or preferably faces!   The quick easy “forearm doodle test” is impossible, as using stencils is definitely a two handed job!

History of Stenciling

The history of stenciling is an interesting one, dating back over tens of thousands of years in Fiji to the earliest beginnings of recorded time.  Stenciling as a mass form of communication, spread throughout the world in Egypt, Greece & Rome, China, Japan, the Middle East and Europe.

When the colonists came to the Americas they brought stenciling with them in the form of wallpapers – and now the wallpapers have totally taken over the urban environment with graffiti artists.

Snake Skin stencil for facepainting

Snake skin creature face painting using a stencil to add mystery to the design!

Famous Stencil Artist C215

My favourite stencil artist is C215, a prolific street artist with a romantic exploding style.  His subject matter, mainly consisting of the homeless, elderly and other easily forgotten individuals in society, is highlighted even more by the unique and beautiful locations he picks to showcase his art.

Stick around and watch how this design unfolds!

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