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Reverse Stencil – Face Painting with Stickers

Link to YouTube video tutorialRecently while I was out face painting, I found myself without my star stencil!  No need to panic, because I had a pack of star shaped stickers in my kit!  Using stickers as a stencil creates a unique negative space in the design that looks magical when revealed.

The Reverse Star Stencil -Face Painting with Stickers video tutorial shows how to achieve this great look, with some tips on getting a nice clean edges when using the stickers as a stencil.

Looking to take this design to the next level?

Consider some of these options:

  • Create smoky mystery by dry brushing the black edges of the line work out on the forehead, outside corner of the eye and on the cheekbone.
  • Use a regular star stencil and add even more stars in different colours
  • Graffiti the design by adding splatters, this will give the design some movement, depth and even make it look like shooting stars!

What unconventional tool have you added to your face painting repertoire?

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