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Peppermint Party – Graffiti Eye Makeup

Peppermint Party – Graffiti Eye Makeup Video Tutorial


If a picture is worth a thousand words then what’s a video worth? Let’s find out!

In this step by step video tutorial, I will use water based makeup products with brush and sponge face painting techniques to create my famous graffiti eyes with a themed twist!

In my first Graffiti Eyes  tutorial, I displayed how to achieve the graffiti eyes design. Since I have been exploring this design I have discovered how much fun it is to expand the base layer of makeup onto the cheek and create miniature exploding backdrops to frame little paintings that match the current party season. The Stampede Princess and Candy Corn Queen are great examples of successful designs using this technique.

The Peppermint Party graffiti eyes design is dedicated to my life long addition to this cool little piece of winter candy.

Watch this video in HD!


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