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My Day of the Dead Wedding

My Day of the Dead Wedding

As a non traditional couple, myself and Wiser jumped at the opportunity to get married in the middle of the worlds largest face and body painting convention – The Face and Bodyart International Convention aka FABAIC.

FABAIC 2013 in Fort Lauderdale Florida was the perfect setting for a Day of the Dead wedding with over 300 face and body painters already gathered to paint each other as El Día de los Muertos Sugar Skulls for the conventions opening night party. We really surprised the crowd when they found out that they were all there to actually attend a real wedding!

Our Story:
We met in Las Vegas when a face painting convention and a body painting competition merged paths and brought us together. Our enthusiastic approach to our artwork repeatedly landed us jobs working together in various cities and states across America. As our work progressed our personal relationship deepened, we both feel that since a face and body painting convention is where we met and began this life path together, having a painted wedding to celebrate our love and joy with our art community would be the truest way to honour ourselves.

The Dress:
For this to be the ultimate Sugar Skull wedding, i needed the ultimate sugar skull wedding dress! Now at the time, the only place the ultimate sugar skull dress existed was in our imaginations, so I went to the The Bragging Bride in Calgary for some help with step 1 – the gown. After trying on every size 16 in the place, I finally found not only the perfect fit, but also the perfect fabric for painting on! Once they found out ourlan for painting the dress The Bragging Bride donated the dress as they shared in our excitement!
Step 2 – the art. It only a few hours over a couple of days, Wiser freehand painted the entire dress with spray paint. Transforming a traditional white wedding gown into a graffiti sugar skull explosion that wowed the crowd!

The Paint:
Of course we painted each other! After a 7 hour day of teaching a pre-day classes, Wiser and I were ready to bust out our wedding sugar skulls on each other. Yolanda Bartrum from Body FX New Zealand gave us the greatest gift of delicate foam latex sugar skull prosthetics that made our faces stand out from everyone else at the party.

We were painting each other as the GREATEST face and body artists in the world painted our entire wedding party, and the 9 Mariachis. We were all hiding out with the 2 camera crews, in the ballroom next door to the big unsuspecting crowd listening to the opening convention announcements…. They were all waiting patiently for this big surprise that they’ve all been hearing about for months online.

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Our cue was when the Mariachis started to play the wedding march. When we walked out and the crowd realized that this in fact was a real wedding the surprise in the room reverberated like a screaming studio audience on the ‘Price is Right’…. And I was standing up on the stage and had just spun a dollar!

Wiser made a beautiful red and black sugar skull backdrop that was hung on the stage for us to get married in front of – having a backdrop definitely enhanced the atmosphere of our stage and looked fantastic in photos! The vows that we wrote for each other, evoked even more applause and excited screams from hundreds of sugar skulls barely able to contain themselves!

Friend, Photographer and body painting aficionado Thomas Ledford, is also a Justice of the Peace! This amazing combination of course was the icing on this whole sugary adventure! When your are married by someone who is also in full face paint and costume, shooting great photos of the event, you kinda know it’s going to be a big deal… A big deal because EVERYONE is down for a bit of fun.

Our beautiful and talented friend Kendra baked and decorated a delicious chocolate wedding cake, with black icing, red roses and white spiderwebs and even a Day of the Dead cake topper! I did share the special wedding cake with my wedding party… But I did get to eat it the left overs in my room all week long after the wedding! YUM!

In a nut shell, I would describe our wedding as a Flash Mob Love Bomb!
Thank you to the entire team at Silly Farm, FabaTV and Fabaic that helped pull this wedding off and keep it a surprise!

This truly was the most fun, enthusiastic and open-minded group of people that I could have possibly shared my wedding day with, I am proud and greatful for the entire experience!

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