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Live Online FABATV Class: How To Graffiti Your Eyes!

Live Online FABATV Class: Graffiti Eyes!

Tuesday January 15, 2013 - hundreds of face and bodypainting artists will gather for my first LIVE appearance on Face and Body Art Television @ 8pm Eastern!


For 1 FULL hour I will be at the disposal of the entire face and body painting community around the WORLD mwah-ha-ha-ha!  Entertaining you with my Sponge-Fu painting techniques.

The entire class will be focused on how to achieve my gorgeous graffiti eye design using water based makeup products.  I will provide in depth instructional demonstrations on how to:

  • Easily make up different colour combinations with some colour placement tricks that will help you easily match outfits and themes,
  • No Mess Splatter tricks – I’ll provide you with multiple options to alter the design for children who have a hard time keeping their eyes closed
  • Painting with Glitter – techniques that will allow you to provide a durable makeup that will last all day!

Face and Body Art Television

Lea Selley How to Paint Graffiti Eyes Video

FabaTV is a subscription based online training resource for painters and makeup artists, featuring over 100 educational videos in English, Spanish and French.  Each month FabaTV premieres 4 new workshops and 1 Free LIVE class covering all levels of experience in the study of face and body art.

If you haven’t already watched a Live show, now is your opportunity to view FabaTVs Premiere LIVE show hosted by Denver Graffiti Artist Wiser Oner that launching them both into internet fame in 2011.

Chat & Win

Make sure to tune in to the Chat during a Live show so you can interact with other artists and you never know… there may even be trivia and prizes in the Chat Room!

For advanced video viewing features during the live show, you should check out creating an optional ustream account so you can easily login and chat with old and new friends.

After the Show

Léa Selley and her Magic Paintbrush!

Léa Selley -The Magician’s paintbrush is a exciting object indeed!

This is perfect for all of you who just can’t get enough…  Wish you were there…  or didn’t have the guts to put on the caps lock and ASK YOUR QUESTION OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN over the chat room buzz!!  Lol ;)

I will be available for live Q&A via my Facebook Fan Page after the show!  Don’t be shy to ask questions… I love it!  Questions tap into our collective consciousness and helps everyone’s art develop and grow!

I will be on my Facebook Fan Page after the cameras are off to answer your questions and ride the experience a little bit longer!


Face Paint is a performance art on many levels: having your kids sit still, engaging the parents, being confident and fast with designs – all the while parents and strangers are watching this little piece of artwork unfold.  It is very rewarding indeed :)


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