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Graffiti Eye Makeup Tutorial

Graffiti Eyes Makeup Tutorial

graffiti eye makeup designs

An explosion of colour wakes up the eyes of tired moms, adds daring and drama to young women and is perfect for young glamour girls!

My Graffiti Eyes tutorial as featured in the Summer 2012 Illusion Magazine outlines many of my tricks to accomplish this guaranteed jaw dropper makeup style.

The Graffiti Eyes design itself is easy to accomplish as it has a very forgiving quality in that your base and splatter layers do not have to be symmetrical in order to look totally fabulous!  In fact, the variations are what make the design so captivating to look at.

 Step 1 – Applying the Base

Using a sponge, apply your highlight colour (silver) on the brow bone, and out on an angle across the temple towards the hairline.

Choose your feature colour(this will be your brightest colour), here i used pink. Apply the makeup to the eyelid and up towards the temple hairline.

Apply your third colour (teal) in the crease of the eye and out towards the temple.

Adding coloured glitter to your graffiti eyes while the makeup is still wet really makes this design pop!

Graffiti Eye Makeup Tutorial

Bonus Tips & Tricks!  

  1. Keep your paint wet when blending colours, and make sure to not fuss too much, because you still need that makeup to be wet in order for your glitter to stick and last all day!
  2. Graffiti Eyes are easiest done with three colours plus black.

Step 2 – Splatters!

Graffiti Eye Makeup Design

Now it is time to get your fingers dirty and make the graffiti splatters!

Placing your paint loaded index finger on your thumb, line up your aim for the corner of the eye up towards the temple and ‘flick’ your index finger off your thumb. This quick motion will shoot a small line of paint and dots.Start by adding a little extra water to your makeup and rubbing the tip of your index finger around in it until you get a nice consistency of paint.  Shake any excess paint off your fingertip.


 Graffiti Face Paint Tutorial Illusion Magazine

Bonus Tips & Tricks:

  1. Start with the lightest colour in your design and finishing with eyeliner, black splatters and some little stars.
  2. Make sure your practice your graffiti splatter aim!
  3. Aim your flicking motion up and out in the direction of the sponged base.
  4. Try and aim your paint from the outside corner of the eye, across the temple up into the hairline.


Practice your splatters on a piece of paper first!

Random Splatter lines “ruined” your design??? Impossible! :) It is important that your paint isn’t too wet and drips down the face, or on to the models clothes! If your makeup is too thick it will not flick off your finger tip! So it is important to get used to the texture of the wet paint and how much you need on the tip of your index finger.

Graffiti Eyes are so flexible, even when I accidently end up getting a blob instead of a nice straight splatter, I simply match it up on the other side – usually by lightly touching my already paint loaded finger somewhere that will balance the design on the opposite side.

If you really mess up, get a #4 round brush and just tap some colour around with more glitter and the design always turns out!

Step 3 – Sprakling Lips!

Painting the lips with matching paint and glitter will really turn your model into a show stopper!

If you enjoyed my design and are inspired to try it out I would love to see your artwork!  Upload your artwork to my Facebook Fan Page!


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