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Candy Crush – Graffiti Eye Makeup Tutorial

Candy Crush – Graffiti Eye Makeup Tutorial

Facebook's Candy Crush makeup tutorial
Candy Crush is an addictive Facebook puzzle adventure game – with over 215 levels and available for free on ipads and iphones… it’s hard not to put down!

I love this game sooooo much, I thought I would make a Candy Crush face paint design to soothe my addiction!

So let me know – if you like this video SEND ME CANDY CRUSH LIVES!!!

lol!  Enjoy this fun little piece of art work!   If you are inspired to try this makeup,  share your artwork with me on my Facebook Fan page!

 Why is this game so popular?

  1. It is Free and it’s on Facebook
  2. Candy Crush has great sound effects – I love it when the guys voice drops with the ‘Sweet!’ and ‘delicious’ comments.  
  3. The developers release 15 new levels a week!  
  4. For a puzzle game, Candy Crush has a decent story line as well – the levels get progressively more difficult, new little elements like jelly and bombs are added to the mix and there are the cutest little landscape names on the map, like Lemonade Lake, Bubblegum Bridge and Salty Canyons… that’s where I am stuck right now… on level 98.  

The Catch

They make it soooooo easy for you to buy buy buy…. But I refuse!

Ok fine, I admit it:  I bought the hammer once, ok twice… but then I discovered that if I log in to Facebook and play the game, King developers make it is easier to pass levels. Plus, by playing via Facebook, I am able to send a bunch of my random friends some free lives… AND occasionally the game gives you free Lifelines like chocolate bombs, lollipop hammers, doughnut and extra moves!  so that is helpful.

I am stuck on Level 98.    

They introduced these little bombs that only give you 8 moves to get out of… It’s so hard!  I am sure that they actually make it impossible to get 110,000 points and keep an eye on babysitting those bombs… I think it’s a ploy, the level is naturally unbeatable – the developers only made one algorithm of the level that will actually work without having to buy their Lifeline… they are forcing me to BUY now… why is everything surrounding us buy Buy BUY??? ~~~ Like the way I paint?  then buy my stencil! lol!

I will not be tempted by your Lollipop Hammer! 

TLDR – I am still stuck on level 98 in the game Candy Crush… if you know the secret to the game leave your wizardry in the comments below.


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