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FABAIC 2013 Haul Blog

FABAIC 2013 Haul Blog

I got an early jump on summer this year by catching a plane to Florida to my first Face and Body Painting International Convention (FABAIC)!!! It is a paradise of face and body painting classes, art displays and shopping! All of the big name brands from around the world come to sell their newest and best selling products. Between teaching classes I made sure I stocked up on some of my favourite products and picked some new ones to try out!

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I also bought every single colour of Superstar / FAB paint! I really love the vibrant colours, and the shimmering metallic colour look absolutely amazing for eye makeup, subtle graffiti eyes ( if there is such a thing! Lol), and some super hero masks. It really adds a nice shine! I also was gifted some of their gold and silver glitter and glitter gel which you use with a paint brush! Paint on the glitter gel and then add more glitter on top if you want! It really makes it more durable and the glitter will last longer! Hmmm… Must try with graffiti eyes!

I also got a new brush haul! I love to use round brushes so I picked up Superstar bushes sized 1-6 and I also picked up a 1-6 sized set of Chameleon brushes, so far they are all great for face painting!

I stopped by the Mehron booth to buy my favorite glitter gel, and asked Mark Reid for a super close up demo of his long liner brush…. Got them both! Plus a back up #4 and #6 round brushes! These black and orange brushes have always been a must have in my face painting kit, I can use them in my sleep!

face paint haul stencils, GlitterMark, BodyFX, ZeroGMy biggest come up was a COMPLETE set of Alex Hansen stencils for airbrush body painting! Wow!! Stencils add so much finesse to paintings, not only do they provide textures that would otherwise be impossible to achieve!  I also love the subtly that stencils can add to the atmosphere of your overall painting.    And how could we resist Andrea ‘Badass’ O’Donnell’s body sized splatter stencil!

I put a lot of glitter tattoos on little kids arms all year long, so I decided to pick up a Zero G airbrush – I can run the glitter tattoo body glue through the airbrush with no clogs! Much faster and cleaner… I just need to work on not over spraying the edges. :) I can also use this airbrush with body paint… No more clogs is all I am looking for!!!!

Since I now have all this body glue… i can use more prosthetics! I loved the BodyFX Sugar Skull prosthetics that I wore to my wedding, that I couldn’t resist picking up some more! Snowflakes, flowers and a scary mask!  (get them at Sillyfarm)

Thanks for the great vendor room at FABAIC 2013!

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