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Crazy for Cupcakes – Graffiti Makeup Explosion

Crazy for Cupcakes – 10 ways to get inspired by cupcakes!

The cupcake has become classic image in pop art – an icon for happiness, and synonymous with a person who is always in a good mood.  The kind of great mood that eating a cupcake will naturally put you in! :)

Lately I have been inspired by the sweet smell, bright colours and overall yummy cuteness of this little dessert!   In my Crazy for Cupcakes video, want to share my exploding cupcake graffiti eye makeup design using my face paints!

This is a great face painting makeup design for tweens and teens who are looking to have a little sweet fun!

Ultimate Graffiti Eye StencilTry this design for yourself!  
Make it easy with my Ultimate Graffiti Eye Stencil!

Ten Ways Other People Have Been Inspired by Cupcakes:

1. Pull Apart Birthday Cake!
Pull Apart Cupcake Cake
I know I can’t even wait for the smoke to clear after blowing out the candle – I need to dig into the birthday cake right away!  So let’s save time and get eating faster by eliminating the sharp dangerous knife and dive into a pull apart cupcake birthday cake!


Arrange your cupcakes on a tray and spread the icing over top to camouflage your cupcakes and create a unique cake shape!

You must wear icing warpaint to operate the cupcake cannon!

You must wear icing warpaint to operate the cupcake cannon!

2.  The Cupcake Cannon!
Taking food fights to the next level with the cupcake cannon, a steampunk styled treat launcher!  Check out the slow motion video of people getting shot in the face with cupcakes!  The icing splatter wall in behind the victims makes for some pretty fun artwork!  Nothing beats the purple icing mustache at the 1:11 mark :)

Portland’s Kamp Grizzly developed a steam-punk style pneumatic cupcake cannon and set the stage for eating frosty delights at 120psi. The blasting buffet was documented in at 700fps coming off the Phantom HD Gold.

3. Tattoos!
Do a google images search and see the wide range of cupcake tattoos that people are wearing… what I think is funny is that it seems like people are really loving copying one particular design: a cupcake with stars in behind it!  Obviously this colour combination is the popular vote!

My favourite cupcake tattoo I’ve seen is Nikko Hurtado’s off the chain chocolate cake with a cherry on top… looks so real!  With seeing this I figure that there really is room for an exploding cupcake design for loads of mini cake lovers in the world ;)

Cupcake - popular name for a girl!

4. Makes a great nickname!
 You better believe it, according to, the nameCupcake has skyrocketed into popularity in 2008 and then again in 2011.   Choosing the romantic & cute name for your baby would be a fun idea to toss around… even trickier would be coming up with a creative name for a specialty cupcake business.  The crumbs and Doilies website even has a cupcake naming contest every month, the winner gets the cake! :)

Cupcake Costumes


5. Great for a costume theme!
From super cute to super sexy – a cupcake is the perfect theme for a costume.

There are loads of costumes that you can buy that are great for kids, ladies and men – the great thing about a cupcake is that there is loads of room for creativity to make your own costume!

Marie Antoinette cupcake wigThis cupcake wig runs 462 Euros… only the best for Marie Antoinette – the original cupcake lover!

6. Makes a great Wine!
I personally never thought to mix cupcakes and wine… but how can you resist such sweet marketing?  Cupcake Vineyards encourages everyone to “Live Deliciously” – why yes!  I would love to try a glass of sparkling Cupcake!

7.  Retro Toys!
Cupcakes – the Tonka toy from 1990, watch the commercial and see how these amazing beauties flip their cake into a dress and turn their icing into a shady bonnet.  Collect them all!  Minty Mindy, Bon Bon, Gum Drop… want to buy me one?  Find them on ebay!

8. Cupcake Wars!
There is even a reality-based food network elimination style game show titled Cupcake Wars hosted by Justin Willman, where cupcake artists compete for the best cupcake creation!  These are beyond lovers they are experts in the field of cupcakes looking to outwit each others flavour combinations and artistic flare for decoration.

9. Send a Cupcake Gram!
Always looking for inventive ways to share the love,Cupcake Royal has a fun website where you can send a cupcake Gram to someone you think needs and deserves more happiness in their day!  A great way to get tasty cupcakes right through the computer!

10. Cupcakes in Disguise!
These little desserts are so popular that sometimes ”they can’t handle all the attention – nothing like a disguise to distract the paparazzi!  Below you will see some of the mosre popular disguises… go troll the internet for the Chinese Food Takeout Cupcake, and Peacock is another beauty!

Cupcakes in Disguise

“What Makes Life so Sweet? Cupcakes to eat and Someone to Love.
                                   ~ Marie Williams Johnstone

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