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Candy Sweethearts Graffiti Eye Makeup

Candy Sweethearts Graffiti Eye Makeup

My latest inspiration is a Valentine favourite that everyone will recognize – classic candy Sweethearts!

Did you realize that the popular Necco candy will be celebrating 111 years of candy Sweethearts in 2013?

Keeping the sayings current for today with lines like “text me,” “lol” and “puppy love” – ensures that ‘tweens are lovin’ this design. ;)

What are Graffiti Eyes?

Graffiti Eyes is a super fun way, to add an exciting theme to your makeup, that is perfect for ‘tweens and fun people of all ages.  I would describe it as eye makeup taken to the extreme.  I love how I can use the graffiti eye base design to create an atmosphere or background for my theme artwork.  Adding the splatter is what really gives the graffiti touch.  Check out my YouTube Channel for more video tutorials demonstrating my Graffiti Eye designs.


Ultimate Graffiti Eye StencilTry this design for yourself!  
Make it easy with my Ultimate Graffiti Eye Stencil!

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