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5 Graffiti Makeup Designs – Exploding Fruit

Strawberry Surprise – Exploding Graffiti Eye Makeup!

You are going to feel like you just dropped a double dose of Vitamin C after you watch my newest face painting video tutorial: Strawberry Surprise – Graffiti Eyes! 

In this video I will actually show you five different designs that you can use to theme your graffiti eye makeup by adding exploding fruit flavours!

Other Excellent Fruit Explosions…

Graffiti Eyes Face Paint designBlueberries!
Blueberry graffiti is rich in it’s colour explosion, with deep purples and blues that combine together so naturally that I had to explore this makeup!

Probably the most popular fruit found in modern art is the juicy cherry.  I remember climbing big old cherry trees always reaching for the darkest and juiciest berries that somehow survived the rain and birds… and then looking down at the ground and spitting the pits out all over the lawn!   That’s the way to enjoy a daily serving of fruit :)

Such a cute foreign fruit that makes for an excellent seed explosion!  I learned two new facts about this tasty treat:  

  1. It’s actually called Kiwifruit, the Kiwi is a type of little flightless bird!
  2. The Kiwifruit is native to China, and was first commercially planted in New Zealand in the 1930s 

Refreshing, cool, and hands down the most fun to eat is the watermelon – who knew it would taste so good mixed with marshmallows!

What is your favourite type of fruit to paint?

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